Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch 2022

(27 Year Anniversary AGAIN)

4414 Piedmont  Avenue • Oakland

(510) 967-9363

Delivering The Best Pumpkins EVER!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is there any charge for visiting the pumpkin patch?

A)  No. There is no fee to enter the pumpkin patch.

Q) What are your hours?

A) We are open from 8 am - 8 pm every day in September and October.

Q) Where are you located?

A) Our entrance is at 4414 Piedmont Avenue, right next to the Chevron car wash.  Enter

through the Halloween store to get to the pumpkin patch and haunted house.

Q) Is there a fee for the haunted house?

A)     The fee is $10 per person

Q) How many different types of pumpkins and vegetation do you have?

A) We have over a dozen varieties of pumpkin; Orange, White, Cinderellas, Fairytales

Tonda Pandanas, Turban Squash, Long Gourds, Indian Corn, Corn Stalks, Straw Bales,

Loose Straw for scarecrows, Tiger Pumpkins and others. Click HERE to see pictures

of our many varieties

Q) What else do you have there aside from the pumpkin patch?

A) We have a wonderful Halloween Store and Haunted House ($10/person)

Q) Can we bring a large group or classroom to visit?

A) Please call us at 510-967-9363 to arrange. We like to give

our groups more attention and show them around the patch and haunted house. Classrooms

must prebook with us. Please check our calendar and call us to reserve your time.  Field trips

generally take between 20-30 minutes and include a visit to the patch, a trip through the less

scary version of the haunted house and a great photo op on top of the straw bales. Please

instruct your teachers and parents to bring their cameras.

Q) Where can we park?

A) There is street parking on Piedmont Avenue and on Pleasant Valley Avenue. For the

ultimate Halloween experience, park at the cemetery that's about a block up Piedmont

Avenue. Pick out your pumpkins, get your car, drive to the front and we will help you load

when you drive up.

Q) Is your haunted house scary?

A) Yes and No.  We have two versions. One for the kids (and timid adults) and one for the

brave who don't mind some fear. We can change fairly quickly between the two.  Let us know

whichversion you would like when you purchase your wristband.

Q) What's in your Halloween Store?

A) We carry a lot of Halloween accessories. Since we are a pumpkin patch, first and foremost,

we carry a large display of pumpkin carvers, stencils, scoopers and stickers.  We also carry

pumpkin teeth, arms and legs. In addition to the great pumpkin tools, we also carry

decorations,such as tombstones and spider webs, giant spiders, masks and costume

accessories, makeup, wigs, hair color, and Halloween lights. Just come in and see.

You'll be amazed.

Q) Do you deliver?

A) Yes, we deliver and set up patches all over the bay area, from Oakland to Lafayette to San

Francisco to San Jose. We can bring pumpkins, straw bales, scarecrows, spider webs and set it

up for you.  Call (510) 967-9363 for a delivery.